Computer Lab

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Information technology has brought a revolution and with a ‘click’ on your ‘mouse’, one can bring the whole world in his drawing room. In keeping with the demands of the technologically advanced world, Keshwanand School takes care to offer specially designed computer classes to all students, in three well equipped Computer labs.

We have well euqipped computer Labs with latest i7 processer & High Speed Internet facilities. the computer labs have been full furnished with large nimber of computers & 100MBPS Wi-Fi network facility. Students can update their information in every minute.


  • Hi-Tech, Wi-fi in-built Computer Lab.
  • Recent Version of Software.
  • Computers with TFT & Plasma Screen.
  • 24 hour's Internet.


The Institute has continued to build and extend its commitment to enhancing its facilities. The aim is to preserve the history of the Institute, maximize the use of space available in an environmentally responsible and plan for new & refurbished facilities.